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Michael Enriquez

Michael Enriquez was born and raised in San Diego, California and moved to Arizona in 2016. He will go beyond measures for his clients to make sure they have the greatest client experience. He has been in the mortgage industry for 7 years. In that period, he brings knowledge as a credit consultant AND closing […]

Marin Felix

Marin Felix has had an extensive career in mortgages which began in 2016 with the nations top mortgage lender through their underwriting side. This is important because it helped him develop the complete understanding of not only what is needed to help his clients originate their mortgage, but also the complexities required to have them […]

Oscar Lopez Valdez

Oscar is an Arizona native who has grown a passion for the mortgage industry in the last few years. Although he is relatively new to the industry, he has quickly climbed the ranks both locally and nationally. He is arguably the hardest worker in the room and his clients can feel this through their interaction […]

Fernando Sanchez

Fernando Sanchez is an expert when it comes to finances and mortgages. He has worked in only the most elite environments and employers, where has guided clients to reach their financial goals. Working in a transparent way and guiding his clients step-by-step through the process allows them to always be in the loop, as well […]

Rodrigo Ayala

Rodrigo is an Arizona native who graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in psychology. This has helped enhance his passion to truly understand the needs of his clients and create the best financial solution for them. After graduating the university with Summa Cum Laude honors, he started working for the largest lender in […]